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If you are suffering with tooth decay, it’s important that you arrange a visit to the dentist without delay, as untreated cavities can grow bigger and more severe and complicate your treatment. Cavities may eventually require root canal therapy to restore the tooth. We offer a review of the common symptoms of a cavity to help you seek timely treatment while the tooth decay is still minor.

Because you may not be aware at first that a cavity is developing, we encourage you to schedule regular dental visits every six months to receive an important oral exam at our office, during which time we can inspect your smile for areas that could be vulnerable to decay so that we can prevent this problem. However, if you can sense the development of tooth decay happening now, we encourage you to seek treatment even if it’s not time for your scheduled dental checkup.

Dental pain often accompanies cavities and is a very common sign, and some patients feel tooth pain that is frequent while other patients only feel pain when biting down. The sudden occurrence of tooth sensitivity could also notify you of the beginning of a cavity. Sometimes, cavities can be seen clearly on the teeth, either as black or dark brown spots or tiny holes in the tooth enamel.

If a cavity is found before it becomes severe, we can offer conservative dental treatment such as dental bonding, which treats tooth decay on the tooth enamel. If the cavity penetrated the tooth below the enamel, it may be more optimal to place a dental filling or crown on the portion where decay was removed.

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