Be in Control During Dental Emergencies with These Tips

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Everyone should keep in mind that any forms of injuries or emergencies should never be ignored. For example, oral injuries like a chip or crack may seem harmless for now, but if actions are not taken, it can lead to infections or worse—tooth loss.

Dental emergencies can happen anytime without any warning, even if the patient is cautious. Someone who is happily eating a bowl of popcorn while watching a movie can suddenly cry in pain after cracking their tooth on a corn kernel. If any dental emergency takes place, it is vital for the patient to stay calm since panicking will only make matters worse. To avoid panic, it is essential for patients to know what to do once any forms of emergency are experienced. At Celebrity Smile, we can help by sharing some of the most common oral emergencies and the things to perform once endured.

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Partially dislodged tooth

Once experienced, it is vital to see the dentist immediately. While waiting, using an ice pack to manage pain is recommended. Aside from this, taking over the counter pain medications is also ideal.

Cracked tooth

Cleaning the mouth by rinsing with warm water is advised. If there is swelling involved, pressing a cold compress against the area will help bring it down. Seeing the dentist should be a priority since even the inside of the tooth is now vulnerable to complications.

Oral injuries

Any injuries to the mouth should never be disregarded. As much as possible, seek immediate dental attention, especially if the jawline appears distorted. Until it is time to see the dentist, patients should refrain from moving their faces. If the cheeks, tongue, or lips are accidentally bitten and that bleeding continues, professional oral care should be sought.


Seeing blood after flossing is only normal for someone who tries it for the first time or if it has been a while since it was last done. But in other situations, bleeding in the mouth should not be considered normal. It may indicate the presence of complications such as the advanced stage of gum disease or even oral cancer. So for the dentist to diagnose the exact reason of bleeding mouth, an immediate appointment should be scheduled.

Dental avulsion

If a permanent tooth is dislodged from its socket, it is still possible for the patient to reinsert the tooth. That is if they cleaned the avulsed tooth by rinsing it with water, without scrubbing the roots. However, if this is not possible, soak the tooth in milk or place it against the cheek until the dental clinic is reached.

Do not panic! In any forms of emergencies, it is essential to observe the best practices to preserve the teeth and overall oral health in general!

For your Emergency Dentistry needs in San Diego, CA, feel free to call or visit us at Celebrity Smile! Our team is always ready to provide immediate attention to keep the overall oral health in check.