Facts Everyone Should Know About Oral Cancer

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Aside from the common types of cancer you have heard about, did you know that the said disease can form in the mouth as well? Oral cancer is actually one of the fatal illnesses of the mouth. And just like any other types of cancer or health complications in general, no one would ever want to acquire it. Unfortunately, not everyone is thoroughly familiar with the said condition, and the misconceptions floating around it makes things worse.

Since we at Celebrity Smile are committed to ensuring the overall wellness of our patients, we decided to prepare some of the must-know facts about oral cancer. With these provided, patients will realize the things they should watch out for, and why taking immediate actions are necessary.

oral cancer screening

Must-know Facts about Oral Cancer

Who are at risk of oral cancer?

Although it can happen to anyone, know that it is more prevalent to men than women. It is also more common to older adults among any other age groups. Those who are exposed in the sun for long periods have a higher risk of developing lip cancer, especially on the lower lip.

Young people can be at risk

“Age doesn’t matter” also applies to oral cancer. Although a person’s risk increases after they reach the age of 50, know that not all the types of oral cancer are linked to a person’s age. A growing number of young people are developing the said complication due to HPV.

Oral cancer can spread

The cancer cells can spread to the neck and head. And if it spreads (metastasize) to other areas of the body, it can reach the liver, bone, and even lungs.

Catching oral cancer can save lives

Oral cancer may be devastating, but it is treatable. As long as the patient is aware of the state of their mouth, if they schedule routine appointments, and if they take advantage of oral cancer screening, dentists can spot the disease early. As soon as symptoms of the condition are detected, treatments will be provided accordingly.

By taking advantage of oral cancer screening, a procedure performed by dentists, the earliest symptoms of the disease can be spotted, and treatments will be provided immediately. Anxious to undergo the screening? Know that it is a noninvasive process where the dentist checks the tongue, throat, lymph nodes, mouth for any formation of lumps, discoloration, as well as swelling. There is nothing to be wary of the said dental service. With its help, the survival rate of a person affected by oral cancer becomes high.

Keep your overall oral wellness in check by seeing the dentist regularly and by considering Oral Cancer Screening in San Diego, CA! Call or visit us at Celebrity Smile for our team to provide you with the said procedure.