Why Should You Consider Dental Implants?

Are you looking for an ideal treatment to restore your lost tooth that is sure to look as well as function like the natural teeth? Having a complete set of pearly white teeth could be one factor in boosting your confidence. Missing a tooth or more is usually caused by severe damage or an injury and periodontal diseases. The most common treatment used before were dental bridges and dentures. But, as the years passed by, dental implants were made adding to the options available. 

At Celebrity Smile, we’ll provide you high-quality service in dental implant restoration. A dental implant is an ideal option for patients suffering from losing a tooth or more permanently. It is made from biocompatible titanium, which is in the shape of a screw and helps in maintaining the natural shape of your jaw. Below are the benefits and advantages of having dental implants.

dental implant

Improved speech

A missing tooth may affect your speech or the way you pronounce certain words. With the help of dental implants, you won’t have to worry anymore in enunciating and pronouncing some words. 

Boosts your confidence

With dental implants, you will have a complete set of teeth again. As a result, socializing and facing a crowd of people won’t give you embarrassment. Unlike with missing tooth which may create a negative impact on your career and your interaction with other people.

Functions like natural teeth

As dental implants were attached to your jaw with the help of titanium post, it functions the same way as your natural teeth do. With this, it allows you to bite certain foods with more or less the same amount of force as much as how your natural teeth exert.


The titanium used in a dental implant is biocompatible or non-toxic and will not be rejected by your body, thus making it safe to use. Dental implants can last a lifetime if taken care properly. 

Prevents bone loss

Bone loss in your jaw may occur if the missing tooth has not been replaced over some time. If no replacement was made, bone loss might worsen due to the lack of stimulation in that area. With dental implants to function like your natural teeth, this could be prevented from happening.

Prevents changes in your facial structure

Losing teeth can affect the shape of your face since it can lead to bone loss over time. By opting for dental implants, you are restoring the support needed by your facial structures to keep it from sagging; which if left unattended, can lead to premature aging.

Provides support to adjacent teeth

A space in between your teeth due to the missing tooth can cause the adjacent teeth to misalign. Through dental implant, the gap in your mouth will be filled in and prevents the misalignment of your teeth, allowing you to maintain an even smile.

Feel confident and healthy with your teeth! Celebrity Smile is happy to be of service to our patients for all their dental care needs in Dental Implants in San Diego, CA. We are located at 4765 Carmel Mountain Rd., #206, San Diego, CA 92130.