Botox for Headaches

8/ 03/2012
Botox for Headaches

by the FDA for treating severe migraines for adults. The FDA indicates that Botox has been proven to be helpful for heading off migraines. These are defined as painful, crippling headaches which bring on intense throbbing, and distress 12% of the US population.
Severe and consistent migraines are one of the most disturbing varieties of headaches. Patients who suffer from chronic migraines have severe headaches for greater than 14 days out of a month, and lasting four hours or greater per incidence. This malady can hinder all areas of one’s life, so it’s vital to consider the numerous of options for treatment that are available.
Migraines are often accompanied with sensitivity to light, sound and nauseous symptoms.
Botox To Treat Migraines
Botox is a recent development in addressing issues of chronic migraines and offered at intervals every 12 weeks through multiple shots surrounding the head and neck region to weaken future headache reactions, indicates the FDA.
The FDA advises that those suffering from severe migraines need to have a conversation with their doctor about whether Botox is a suitable choice for them.
The manufacturer, Allergan, indicates when given at appropriate doses in specified areas, it can yield results that continue for an interval of up to three months, depending on the case.
Studies of Botox
Chronic migraine is a crippling yet not completely understood neurological situation. Chronic migraine sufferers frequently misdiagnose their situation as a headache and choose to treat them using drugs which offer rapid, yet temporary easing of symptoms instead of getting a medical diagnosis. Through FDA’s ok for Botox to avert migraines, this now offers an innovative option to reduce the longevity and time dealing with pain from this concern.
The manufacturer indicates that patients who received Botox treatment found themselves having a great reduction in the frequency of days that they suffer from headaches.

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