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Gummy Teeth Treatment with lazer and Botox


The field of cosmetic dentistry has seen an great increase in the persons opting for a relatively new treatment for their "gummy smile," attributed to the professional treatment which is far more comfortable, less costly than traditional techniques and involves an approach with less surgical invasiveness.

Many cosmetic dentists are seeing increases in their patients who are looking to repair a “gummy smile”, showing more of the upper gum area while smiling. Previously, this was considered to be an untreatable condition. However, new innovations are revolutionizing the care and treatment options available for patients with this condition.

The increased demands for this novel treatment reflects an overall trend in this field as the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has indicated. They have identified an increase of 12.5 percent with regards to the number of cosmetic procedures performed by dentists between 2000 to 2005, and saw an additional 10.9 percent growth between the era of 2005 to 2007.
Genetic predisposition creates the tendency for one to have a gummy smile, and patients can identify from the experiences of their parent’s gummy smiles that don’t go away without professional treatment.

However, reduction of gummy smile can now be simpler and more effective. Through small injections of Botox into the upper lip, your dentist can now provide you with a smile that is much more natural and exudes confidence. The muscles around your upper lip that tend to be overactive will be weakened and raise the upper lip, showing less gum in your smile.

Additionally, lasers are another option used to reduce the gum tissue. This procedure uses a CO2 laser and is performed very comfortably using a locally-delivered anesthetic, while for sedation is an option available as well. Next, the base of the natural tooth is approximated and exposed with the laser. Healing will only take a course of days following this less invasive and adept targeting procedure compared to traditional surgery. The patient is provided with an antiseptic mouthwash along with ibuprofen to speed the healing process at the close of the procedure.

Many youth now identify the esthetic concerns of a "gummy smile." Moreover, the first impression they give off is vital for launching their careers and developing relationships. Treating a gummy smile through lasers and botox can add incredible levels of confidence for individuals who desire success in the many areas of their lives while reducing their healing time. Now, treating this condition is far simpler than was previously possible thanks to the new techniques available to treat this condition.

Conventional treatment plans work on just the gums, trimming the top gum section surgically through a knife or laser to reveal greater portions of the tooth. However, this approach sets up teeth to be open to bacteria. As a result, dental surgeons frequently find the need to cap teeth using veneers and crowns, in the long run this proves to cost more in time and money. Some dentists go with a much more invasive method, which goes through the gums to take out some bone from the upper portion of the jaw. Yet, this option carried higher levels of risk like excessive bleeding or resulting sensitivity on treated teeth and other complications for patients.

Not only was the procedure very costly, the follow-up on the treatment resulting from complications could be even more so long term. The new methods with the use of lasers and botox require less surgery using pinpointed lasers, the resulting risks are then far reduced. Those younger individuals who have lives that keep them busy tend to prefer this approach which requires less down time.
The treatment options available today carry minimal discomfort with lower risk of complications. This offers an appealing mix of treatment options, many times suiting younger individuals who have active lifestyles that keep them on the move.

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