Treatment with Juvederm

Treatment with Juvederm

The treatment with Juvederm (cross-linked hyaluronic acid) is comprised of a smooth gel, an organically occurring component in skin which aids in building plumpness in skin and hydration as well as correcting lips, and reducing appearance of scars and skin imperfections. Your doctor will inject Juvederm into the skin to offer a smoother, natural appearance and texture. The results are very subtle so no one will be able to detect what was done.
Prior to its release into the U.S., Juvederm had been compared to Zyplast, a bovine injectable filler comprised of collagen. In testing done at US medical centers to assess safety and effectiveness, 146 test subjects were observed for a 24 week period. They were injected with Juvederm into a single nasolabial fold, with Zyplast injected in the other. They measured the differences with scientific scales, and Juvederm was found to give a more effective adjustment in subjects’ skin folds. In the end of the study, evaluators asked test subjects to determine which fold appeared more corrected to them. 88% of test subjects chose the area that had been injected with Juvederm gel.
Prior to receiving its FDA consent, two previous clinical trials had been conducted on Juvéderm with 293 patients in the U. S. Its safety and efficacy was determined to be similar to the initial test.

Research indicates that results of Juvederm’s are preferred to a collagen–based filler. In studies prior to Juvederm’s introduction, trial patients were treated with both Juvederm gel and a competing skin filler. The patients preferred the results that were produced by Juvederm. Patients also enjoy results that last for longer periods of time. Also, Juvederm is the original FDA–approved dermal filler that is proven safe and effective for persons and those of color.
Its acid is capable of absorbing up to 1000 times its weight in water, resulting in greater volume added to the skin’s surface and plumping it up. In addition, it
Over time, the filler is absorbed into the body, within six to nine months. This results in the need of the patient to have repeat injections to retain the youthful appearance. Juvéderm is also used to add volume to lips, which lose fat and their shape through aging.
As the aging process continues, skin change in its nature. Resulting in a reduction of volume as once skin loses it youthful look and wrinkles appear. However, with Juvederm, you can take control of this situation back, to turn back the aging clock. Juvederm gel is the next–era filler for skin. Its smoothness and gel consistency instantly renews skin's volume and softens facial wrinkles, like smile lines or nasolabial folds, the folds that go from the end of the nose to the round corners of the mouth.

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