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In the past ten years, dental implants have seen dramatic improvements in the design and effectiveness of dental implants. Innovative coatings assist implants in more effectively integrating with bone mass to enhance their stability and endurance. New developments in the contouring and threading assist in making these be inserted more simply, and develop stability more quickly after placement. In addition, new designs allow for superior plasticity in their placement in order to optimize existing bone strength and mass.

Generally speaking, previous implant technologies have required a long waiting time to be completed. Following their surgical implantation, one needs a substantial recovery time prior to their having permanent teeth placed on them.

New innovations in dentistry have allowed for the revolutionary time-saving implant teeth to be completed within an hour. Nobel Biocare is the company responsible for developing this innovation using advanced computer imaging technology. Now, a new set of implanted teeth can now be fitted within the same time frame as the implant posts are positioned. In addition, greater clinical efficiency, comfort and shorter recovery time frames are other benefits that those who undergo this procedure will appreciate.

There do exist a few caveats however for this procedure :

Not all persons are suitable candidates for this dental service. A base amount and quality of bone mass is required so this will prove to be a successful treatment. Additionally, the fees for this new service tend to be relatively high as the patented implant technologies need to be custom made.

Other revolutionary technologies angle the surgically implanted teeth, achieving remarkable steadiness while only four implants need to be positioned in the frontal jaw area. This is generally the area with greater mass of bone concentration. In this technique, one can avoid the need for bone grafting most times, reducing the recovery time once again.

Another new development in surgically inserted technology involves the placement of minis. Significantly minimized in size compared to conventional implants, these can be placed simply and for a reduced cost. The down side is they tend to not be very stable, with a great deal of stress they tend to be prone to not showing great longevity.

As we have discussed here, there are plenty of new options in implant technologies, so you no longer need to suffer with having poor teeth or gaps in your smile.

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