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Are you looking for dermal fillers in San Diego, California? Celebrity Smile is here to help! Dr. Safar and her cosmetic dentistry experts can use dermal fillers to treat TMJ, migraines, and other conditions.

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Dermal fillers have been a well-recognized and respected treatment for the prevention of wrinkles but are also becoming better known as an equally effective treatment for the conditions of temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ) and other related jaw pain as a muscle relaxer. When injecting the dermal fillers into the muscles of a patient’s tense jaw, it brings relief for many patients. These treatments can also cure severe headaches and halt grinding teeth. Also, in those suffering from severe jaw tension, the use of dermal fillers for jaw pain is new, yet early evidence has conclusively shown that it proves to be extremely helpful in easing this constant and chronic discomfort.

How Do Dermal Fillers Ease Jaw Tension?

There are TMJ joints on the left and right side of the jaw at the juncture of the jawbone and the skull. This joint is used in everyday, regular activities such as eating and talking. If the joint is dislocated or overused from a great deal of amount of teeth grinding, one may find that they suffer from chronic tension headaches, and sharp jaw pains. Dermal filler injections help to ease this pain by isolating and minimizing the movement of these muscles, halting the actions which precipitate these headaches and pain.

Dermal filler injections offer a safe, quick, and effective treatment for patients with jaw tension. This simple, in-office procedure requires no hospital stay, and generally, patients experience a marked improvement within one to two days of their initial treatment. However, it may take up to seven days to see results in the moderation of jaw pain using dermal fillers.

Who is a Good Candidate for TMJ Treatment with Dermal Fillers?

The treatment of dermal fillers for jaw pain has proven to be safe and helpful for most people with jaw pain or TMJ issues. However, it is vital for clinicians who administer dermal fillers to prescreen patients to assess eligibility for this form of alternative treatment. In a consultation appointment, your dentist will carefully review your medical history before proceeding with treatment. As a patient, it is your responsibility to disclose whether you are using medications, drugs, or other substances which might negatively affect your treatment. You also need to share information about allergies you have to steer clear of a potentially dangerous reaction to the procedures. Patients who are not well suited for dermal fillers should proceed with a different care plan and treatment options.

What are the Risks and Benefits of Dermal Fillers for Jaw Pain?

In those afflicted with pain from TMJ, dermal filler injections can offer substantial help. In limiting the engagement of these muscles in activities that prove problematic such as grinding, dermal fillers give patients the ability to continue performing daily and necessary tasks such as talking and chewing. This freedom from pain makes dermal fillers the practical and convenient choice for patients suffering from jaw pain. Moreover, this option for treatment can preserve dental health and integrity, as continued teeth grinding can lead to damaged teeth and gums, resulting in very costly procedures in the long run.

While this type of treatment for jaw pain is a safe care option, certain medications can reduce the effectiveness or hinder the success of the procedures. This is why patients need to inform their provider of any substance or prescriptions used before their therapy so they can develop an effective treatment plan together. It is also possible to experience bruising or bleed at the site of injection. While it is rare that complications occur, this is another reason why all risks and medications need to be reported to your provider before initiating treatment.

Does Insurance Cover Dermal Fillers?

At this time, the use of dermal fillers for jaw pain and TMJ is not a treatment which insurance provides coverage for under most medical insurance. Since jaw tension and TMJ are dental related concerns, it is possible that in the future, health insurers may provide coverage for dermal filler injections through dental insurance to prevent damage to gums and teeth because of chronic grinding teeth. Currently, medical insurance plans do not cover this, but it is viewed as an increasingly popular option for both individuals suffering from pain and doctors and dentists who seek to find additional alternative treatment options to provide care for patients.

Can Dermal Fillers Be Used to Treat Migraines?

The FDA indicates that dermal fillers have been proven to be helpful for migraines. Migraines are painful, crippling headaches with intense throbbing, and distress 12% of the US population. Severe and consistent migraines are one of the most disturbing varieties of headaches. Patients who suffer from chronic migraines have severe problems for greater than 14 days out of a month, and lasting four hours or greater per incidence. This sickness can hinder all areas of one’s life, so it’s vital to consider the numerous options for treatment that are available.

How Do Dermal Fillers Treat Migraines?

Dermal fillers are a recent development in addressing issues of chronic migraines and offered at intervals every 12 weeks through multiple shots surrounding the head and neck region to weaken future headache reactions, indicates the FDA. The FDA advises that those suffering from severe migraines need to have a conversation with their doctor about whether dermal fillers are a suitable choice for them.

The manufacturer, Allergan, indicates when given at appropriate doses in specified areas, it can yield results that continue for an interval of up to three months, depending on the case.

Chronic migraines are a crippling yet not a wholly understood neurological situation. Chronic migraine sufferers frequently misdiagnose their condition as a headache and choose to treat them using drugs which offer rapid, yet temporary easing of symptoms instead of getting a medical diagnosis. Through FDA’s okay for dermal fillers to avert migraines, this now provides an innovative option to reduce the longevity and time dealing with pain from this concern. The manufacturer indicates that patients who received dermal fillers found themselves having a significant reduction in the frequency of days that they suffer from headaches.

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