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4765 Carmel Mountain Rd #206, San Diego, CA 92130

Porcelain Dental Crowns & Jackets

Dr. Lori Ann Safar provides porcelain dental crowns and jackets to restore teeth that have suffered more extensive damage, and to cap implant posts to complete a tooth replacement. Crowns and jackets are designed to protect your tooth from further damage and to restore its shape, function, and appearance. We welcome you to call Celebrity Smile at (858) 481-8688 to schedule your consultation with our skilled dentist and learn more about porcelain dental crowns and jackets.

Dental crowns are a type of restoration with completely enclose, or “cap,” a tooth or dental implant. They are custom designed to fit your smile, and are bonded to the tooth to ensure a long-lasting restoration that will improve both the strength and appearance of the tooth. Crowns may be made of several materials, including porcelain, gold, and porcelain fused to metal.

Porcelain jackets are the most natural-looking type of full dental crown restoration available, consisting of a pure porcelain crown placed over a fully prepared tooth. Our dentist often recommends a porcelain jacket when there is not enough tooth structure left to meet the chewing demands in the mouth and a stronger, more extensive restoration is needed.

At Celebrity Smile, we offer both traditional crowns and jackets as well as same-day dental crowns fabricated using advanced CEREC technology. If you receive a regular crown, plan on two appointments with our dentist. During the first we will prepare your tooth and take an impression. This impression is sent to a dental lab where your crown will be created. During the second appointment, your crown or jacket will be placed on the tooth and bonded into place. With CEREC technology, this process is condensed into one appointment, during which your mouth will be scanned, and a restoration created and placed in a matter of minutes using a digital impression.

For more information and to set up an appointment with our dentist, please contact our office today.