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Complete Checkup


Includes comprehensive exam, bitewings, periapicals, oral cancer exam, periodontal charting, prophylaxis*, and transillumination cavity detection.

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*In absence of gum disease.
ADA Codes: D0150, D0274, D0220, D0230, D0431, OHI D1330, D1110, D0600
New patients only. Limited time offer.

Clear Aligner


Includes ClearCorrect diagnostic impressions, CBCT, aligner therapy, and one set of retainers.

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ADA Codes: D8080, D8090
New patients only. Limited time offer.



Includes photos, needed x-rays, and limited exam.

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ADA Codes: D0350, D0220, D0230, D0140
New patients only. Limited time offer.

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